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15-Mar-2010 17:26

When attempting to open a database a messsage appears telling me that the server has reported an error code 0007 suggesting there is something wrong with the database and suggesting it to be rebuilt. How can it be rebuilt if it can not be openned?. The rebuild option is not on the menu.


16-Apr-2010 10:54

Fortunately I had an earlier copy of the database so I was able to rescue most of the data; but guess what a month on and it has happenned again. Same message as above "The Cardbox server has reported an error. The internal Cardbox error code is 0007. This suggests that there is something wrong with the database and it should be rebuilt". But it can not be rebuilt as far as I can see, because it can not be openned foir it to be rebuilt.
Bigger worry is, how many times will this happen again, and will I loose data?.
The database is around 132Gb. Could it be too large?.
This time it happenned shortly after adding a video file as an image into the other/image field.


24-Apr-2010 20:52

Well, as I feared, it has happenned again. Same error message. There must be an error somewhere in the Cardbox program. I wish I knew what it is and if it can be fixed before I go looking for alternative software.


5-May-2010 10:00

Is it possible to perform first a rebuild in your "earlier copy"?

Alternative software: I think you will have to spend a lot of money to get what Cardbox you give now.
Also in other software I think you can add links to such a files.
In some cases it is more smart -even in Cardbox as Charles earlier wrote- to add in Cardbox a link to the (video) file and launch it by a macro(button). 132 GB is a little very big (try to open a Word of of this size).



5-May-2010 11:40

The good news is that it hasn´t happenned again. I am now backing up the database after every edit, just in case. Call it paranoia but I rather be safe than sorry. I am also taking the precaution of renaming the old files. I have now been using Cardbox for close to thirty years. I still have the original thick green manual. It has transformed into such a great piece of software, that does what I need a database to do and what many do not. Just worrying to have to be worrying with this error. This is recent it never happenned before. I am hanging on in there.
Regarding the Macro and such; just beyond my capabilities am affraid. Maybe one day I´ll sit down and get someone to teach all this to me.
Thank you Bert.

Charles Welling

5-May-2010 12:32

I don't think the 132 GB is a problem, but I think the size of the video file might be too large for your system. Video files as well as sound files are not meant to be processed as a whole. They are meant to be played bit by bit (yes, there's a pun in there).

When you read such a file into a record, you're loading the entire file. This may be a bit too heavy for your PC, which might explain the unexpected results. It would also explain why it doesn't happen all the time, as files differ in size.

You could do some experiments with a seperate database, and read files in an increasing order of size. Just watch and see if and when it goes wrong.


5-May-2010 13:47

Now that makes sense. Thank you Charles. I am loading the database with PDF, sound and videos. They are reference works which I can access from within the database wherever I am without the need to take those separately with me.
They are small files in themselves but that indeed may be the problem. I shall do as you suggest. Thank you.


8-Jun-2010 13:14

Thanks Charles. No more issues. I have stopped overloading Cardbox, I will just be carrying the image files with me to safe any further agro.

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