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Backup to C:

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9-Feb-2010 12:26

I have followed the instructions on Page 75 of the Cardbox macros and programming book and have sucessfully installed a push button macro to backup server data to the local C: drive. This works when I log into the master profile, however when other users successfully log into their profiles and activate the pushbutton an error message states, "Not entered a valid password" and Error Line 9, character 1. My questions are,: Can this facility be used from the master profile only? If backups can be made by other users can someone please suggest an alteration to the macro. What password is needed? I have altered User Profiles permissions with no result. Thank you.


9-Feb-2010 13:34

I think that in other users profiles "output to file" is blocked.
This permission is needed for using the backup function of a database.

You can also make a macro in which you can switch to master profile.
A little dangarous: you have to write your password into the macro.
Smart users can read this and I think this is not wished.

So I think it is the best to edit user profiles and allow output to file.



9-Feb-2010 14:51

Tools > Management > Download requires the master profile.


9-Feb-2010 16:51

Cardboss is right - if profiles are used, only with the masterprofile you can backup.


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