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Switching between windows in Cardbox

A Simple Macro to switch between open windows in Cardbox

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Jelly Belly

6-Dec-2009 17:05

If like me you have more than one Cardbox database running at any one time, I wanted a simple way of switching between the open windows. Basically the Macro below switches to the next open window in the list and then returns to the top (or first window). The Macro can then be assigned to a button on the toolbar making the switching of windows a one action procedure.

WinOpen = Index
On Error Resume Next
Activate WinOpen + 1
If Index = WinOpen + 1 Then
End if
Activate 1


6-Dec-2009 20:35

That is a nice workaround for.... TABS!
(every database window a tab could a fine oveview !)

Charles Welling

6-Dec-2009 22:54

For all users who have never yet thought about this non-existent problem, the solution is already there, in Windows and therefore in Cardbox itself:

1. CTRL-TAB is the standard way to switch between windows of an application, which is easier then using a macro and a button. And it does it in an intelligent way: new windows are automatically added, and it remembers which windows were chosen and it sorts the windows accordingly. CTRL-TAB is related to ALT-TAB, which switches between applications.
2. The "Window" menu item in Cardbox presents an overview of all open database windows. There's no need to clutter screens with tabs, just use the menu.


6-Dec-2009 23:18

>There's no need to clutter screens with tabs, just use the menu.

No need, just it would be nice. Today is different then "some years ago" when the user interface of today to was developed.


Jelly Belly

7-Dec-2009 00:14

I apologise for my ignorance, I did not know of the Ctrl + Tab method. However I never suggested that this was a problem with the software and was just trying to give other users an idea of how to achieve something that I thought was useful. Isn’t this what the Forum is for?

Surely this is better that the usual “Read the Manual” that I normally see!

Charles Welling

7-Dec-2009 09:23

There is absolutely no need to apologise! You only shared with us your view on how to deal with switching between windows.
Obviously this had been a (minor) problem to you, which you had sought to solve. But the "problem" never existed, which I pointed out.

And as far as I'm concerned, on many occasions "read the manual" is the best advice you can get.

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