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Cardbox Capabilities ?

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27-Nov-2009 12:06

I am trying to find new ways for us to pull reports from our databases and automate some of the tasks we do and it’s becoming clear that I am going to have to re-design some of our databases.

Before I start I am trying to understand if there will be a way to do several things:
1 Is there a way in a macro to say “ if this field is empty paste the information here, if not move to the next field, if this isn’t empty move to the next field etc etc up to a maximum of 15 times”
2 is there a way to say “search 15 fields and count (and add up) all the instances of “Y””
3 If there a way to say “if a field has this date in it look at a separate field and count if it’s a “ Y” Repeat this for 15 different sets of fields & add all the “Y” instances ?

I know the data can be imported into Excel for counting / adding etc but I’m trying to find a solution that any user here will be able to do with the push of a single button (linked to a macro)


27-Nov-2009 12:41

What can I say? If you are a Cardbox list reader, I should say: you know already this is all possible.
However, it is almost impossible to answer this type of questions by this list.

And then: if you like to add such functionality to your db, please read the advised books, the Cardbox books, the Help file etc.
If this is too difficult for you, you need (paid) consultancy.
(Btw other software will also not do such things for you, so don’t accuse Cardbox of...)
Because I live in The Netherlands, I think it is a little difficult for me to help you (however)
I did a lot of consultancy for several companies with this type of questions about Cardbox.


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