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Formatting issue.

"Field overlap" error on saving format, even though no fields overlap???

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24-Nov-2009 13:26

Dear All,

I keep getting the "A field overlaps another field or item. You should correct the overlap by ... etc." when saving my edited database format.

I've been over the format countless times, moving fields/text boxes etc, I see no red/white stripes anywhere, and, when printed, Records look fine.

Has anyone else come across this annoying error message, and found a way around it?

Current CB build 4288, on a Windows XP SP3 machine.

Many thanks in advance.


24-Nov-2009 16:58

If you have a print problem caused by overlapping fields, you will be grateful for such a message.

You have probably used individual field appearance?
Reset all to default appearance.
I think you easy can find then what he message caused. If not, look again an use zoom.



25-Nov-2009 19:51

Hi Bert,

Many thanks - problem solved. It was text within a field causing a problem. Error message misleading as no fields were overlapping/no red-white stripes seen etc. Maybe Cardbox could modify the error message? "Normal and/or Indexed text too big for Field area - change font and/or size".

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