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missing data from cardbox when updating records

changed record data not appearing after updating cardbox records after closing cardbox

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14-Nov-2009 23:08


I'm using Cardbox Professional v.3.0 build 4245 and running Windows XP and have used cardbox since the earliest ms-dos version.

For the last week I've been doing a stocktake and have updated about 3,000 records from a database that has about 80,000 records and have used a macro to update and put two identifying alphabetic words into one of the fields and these updates were done one record at a time. For the last week all the changes made have shown up correctly.

Yesterday I shut down my computer as I've done a number of times in the last week and also closed the cardbox file. However when I opened up the cardbox file later that day, the original records that I changed are there as many of them were entered years ago, but it's not showing the extra information that I included and updated.
What has cardbox done to the extra information that I entered? Does anyone have a solution to this problem please? or know why it happened in the first place - I'm hoping that it's simple operator error, not a technical issue.

Thanks for your help,


15-Nov-2009 00:14

Hi again,
All is going ok again now. I clicked on the .cbs cardbox file and then clicked on the cardbox .fil itself after and the file with all the updates opened up correctly and is working - what a relief not to have to do a weeks' work again.
It does appear to be operator error as I discoverd that there are a number of older backup copies of this same file in different directories and I guess the cardbox pointers or registry got confused and opened one of the old files instead.
I think this is what happened? - if it's a technical issue instead, please let me know.


15-Nov-2009 00:30

Great it is solved. But why you do not install latest build of Cardbox. 4245 is from late 2006!
Many improvements are implemented. Strongly recommended!

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