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pop up list of codes

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29-Oct-2009 08:52

Hi....im new to this so am probably going to sound really thick. I need to create a pop up list of codes when a button is pressed. can anyne help me please id be most grateful(also another macros to make the lst disappear)

Charles Welling

29-Oct-2009 09:41

You don't need a macro for this, it is a standard feature of Cardbox. You have to edit the native format, go to the properties of a field and assign a validator (look in the Help do know how to do this). Choose the "check words" validator en type your list of codes. Save the format. Whenever your are editing the field you can hit F4 and the list of codes appears. Once you've picked a code the list closes.

Alternatively you can use a drop-down list. Do do this you must also access the field properties and look at the small window "view".

Please read about these features in the Help, because they are very basic to Cardbox.

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