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Sharing Databases across 2 PC's

I'm unable to open the same database on two machines at the same time.

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27-Oct-2009 18:55

I've followed all the install instructions avaliable and still can't open any database on two PC's at the same time!!


27-Oct-2009 19:37

Some thoughts:

- More then 1 user license?
If not : multi use by more then one client on same time not possible!
If yes:
- If Installed Cardbox Server?

- Added you db in the Cardbox Server? If not: do this!
- If the Cardbox Server runs as system service: is your db file installed on the *same machine* as Cardbox (you can only use another machine if you understand what the consequences are)?

In the client - if you added the database in Cardbox Server- :
If a db is opened by a first user, using tab "my computer", then you lock the db for your self.
Open it only then using tab "server".

I hope this will help you.


27-Oct-2009 19:40

One question that's keeps coming to mind ,and I was assured that it was okay, can the server also be used as a client?


27-Oct-2009 19:43

Otherwise the answer to alll the above is Yes, every instruction has been followed.


27-Oct-2009 20:30

If you install Cardbox Server on a machine, you can also install Cardbox Client on same machine.

But if one user can edit a database *which is opened in the client by the server tab*, you have more than one user license, a second client has also opened a db *by the server tab*, then it should work for both.
Perhaps a pitfall: where did you install your license?


28-Oct-2009 11:19

The licence has been installed on the server and the client looks to the server for the licence.

The issue really is this :-

The server that also has the client can open the DB without any problems however the standalone client can't then access the same DB.

If the client on the server closes the DB the standalone client can then access it.


28-Oct-2009 14:33

What is the error message from the client?


28-Oct-2009 14:43

Cardbox can't open this format (Access/Permission denied)


28-Oct-2009 16:36

That is a part of the message.
There is something more to tell...
Requesting file.... which?

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