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emailing a record

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7-Jul-2009 14:46

How do I email a Cardbox record to a colleague?


7-Jul-2009 15:18

- Whole record or some fields ot it?
- Layout of that mail..?
- HTLM mail or plain text?

Or printscreen in Cardbox, paste in Outlook and send it...?



7-Jul-2009 15:31

You can email direct from cardbox, but only in a text format - try sending one to yourself from File, Send as Email and see if thats OK.

If it's a one off - stick with Berts' suggestion and do a screen print or install a PDF printer so that you can print out the record and send it to your colleague in PDF format

Does the colleague have Cardbox on their system too?
If so, you could maybe consider saving your records to a keep list and lietting them know wht it's name is?



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