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Sum cell values to the right of "TOTAL"

How to automatically sum all cells next to a cell that has "TOTAL" as text.

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18-Jun-2009 14:54


I am completely new to Macros, so sorry if this is completely obvious.

I have a form that has many totals from different types of materials.


Winrock Corporation 200.87
Winrock Corporation 400.23

..............TOTAL 601.10

Acme Supplies 400
Rona 200
........TOTAL 600


In the cell right of the subtotal cell I want a macro that will sum all cells in the worksheet that have a cell to the left that has "TOTAL" as text.

The TOTAL and the cell with the value next to it will always be in the same column, however, the rows will always be different.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Much appreciated!


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