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Exclude Blank Fields in a Search

How can I perform a search to exclude blank fields

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10-Jun-2009 07:48


I hope you can help - do you know how I can perform a search to exclude blank fields



10-Jun-2009 07:53

I should have mentioned that I want to exclude records with no text in the extra text field (f3)

Charles Welling

10-Jun-2009 08:59

This is simple, but you made it hard on yourself.

What you say is: "I DON'T want NOTHING".

Which really is: "I want it all."

So, just select EVERYTHING (= "*") in your Extra Text.

Mary Doyle (DAF)

10-Jun-2009 09:22

As the extra text field is not indexed you will need to use Data Search (Manual p. 90)
** = Extra Text in the Field box and * = EVERYTHING as Charles mentioned above.

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