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New build

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19-Apr-2009 12:19

While attempting to install the new build to upgrade to 4281, I got an error message that the installer was corrupted. They may be an error in the file

Charles Welling

19-Apr-2009 14:13

No problems here. Perhaps your file was corrupted while it was being downloaded. The installer I downloaded is 4.791.704 bytes. See if this size corresponds with the size of your version, but even if it does, download the installer once more to see if the error persists.


20-Apr-2009 06:55

Also no problems here. Great new performance. Cardbox opens now very quickly big files.


20-Apr-2009 17:19

Thank you. Yes now installed.
Again I thought this latest build would iron out the Ghostscript and cardbox3.ini problems within cardbox to facilitate the import of PDF files. I have installed the new build but I am still not able to import PDF´s. Am I doing something wrong still or have I misread the intention?.


20-Apr-2009 17:39

OK everybody. Cancel the above. This is even better than importing PDF´s. Thank you to Cardbox I can now import my PDFs much quickly into Cardox image field and preserve them as PDFs with all the PDF features and open and read them from within Cardbox. This is really good. I hope I am right in thinking that they are stored in Cardbox and need not keep them also in another directory elsewhere outside cardbox.

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