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New build (4281) of Cardbox available for download

Build 4281 of Cardbox 3.0 is now available for download.

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16-Apr-2009 13:20

Build 4281 of Cardbox 3.0 contains an important new feature, Non-Image Files, which allows you to store not just scanned or imported images in your image fields, but any type of file at all. For example, if you operate a "scan and shred" type of database, you can use it to store your incoming letters as scanned documents and your outgoing letters directly as Word files.

The Non-Image Files feature is far simpler to use than the old system of 'object fields' (which is, however, still supported). For this reason it has been enabled for all editions of Cardbox including the Home Edition.

You can read all about this new feature at http://www.cardbox.com/support/kb/nonimage.htm.

If you have already installed one of the early releases of this feature (Build 4277 or later of Cardbox), please upgrade to the latest build, because some bugs have been corrected.

To upgrade to Build 4281 of Cardbox 3.0, go to http://www.cardbox.com/downloading/updates.htm and follow the instructions.

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