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copying data old version cardbox to excel

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14-Apr-2009 11:43


At work we are still using the extremely old version 4.10 of Cardbox Plus (DOS). Unfortunately we lost the manual years ago.
We are now at the point that we are going to use one program for everything. My task is to manually copying/typing all the data into excel. From there we can export it to the new program.
Because we are talking about 16000 records I am hoping there is someone out there who can tell me, when possible, how the data can be copied to excel.

Kind regards,


15-Apr-2009 18:56

I see nobody else answered, so I will try to remember how it's done (It's been over 15 years, I think, since I used the DOS version of Cardbox).

I remember that the DOS version had the same exporting function (File-write- ... ) with the possibility to select "comma delimited" text format.
- From the "File" menu (I don't remember the function key that drops it down)- choose Write - comma delimited text file (or something similar, the wording may be a bit different)
- Save the comma delimited text file
- From MS Excel
    - Click the Open file icon
    - In the "Open" window - Choose "Text Files(*.prn; *.txt; *.csv) in the Files of type: than go to the path where you saved the comma delimited text file and select it and click "Open".
    - Follow the conversion steps required by Excel.
Hope this helps.


15-Apr-2009 19:23

Iuliana, you're almost right. The command (once you've got into Cardbox-Plus, and into the database, and on the first record of the database) is WRITE, and the key option to set is MODE=[BASIC]. That gets you the comma-delimited file.

I don't think I even remember the *names* of the programs I used 15 years ago!


16-Apr-2009 01:26

Actually, it was almost 20 years ;-)
It wasn't much of a problem to remember software used in DOS-world, as each profession/work environment had only a handful of software packages to learn, use and ... enjoy the increased productivity. Now-days, on the other hand ....!


27-Apr-2009 12:40

Thanks for your replies! I am going to try this tonight!


27-May-2010 17:30

Hi all,

Sorry for resurrecting this topic - I have been asked to export a large Cardbox-Plus (V4.10) database to some kind of format we can re-use.

I found this thread, and comma-delimited would be fine for us. However, I can't get the WRITE option to work for me. I've followed these steps:

1. I start CARDBOX.COM, and then press F and specify the name of my database.
2. I then go to the Use Database screen, where I can see the first of the records on the screen, and at the bottom a series of options (MAsk; SElect, INclude...)
3. I press WR and it autocompletes "WRITE" and says underneath "(now hit return)".
4. Follow the instruction to hit return, and it takes me instantly back to the view I had in step 2 above

From what I have found through Google, I should instead get some options to set a format, and a filename etc.

Can anyone with a long memory tell me where I'm going wrong?

Cardbox-Plus is a DOS program, but we don't have any DOS computers left so I'm running it in a command window on a Windows 7 PC. Could it be that?




27-May-2010 20:55

Step 4 should give after a return:
Enter command: WRITE OUTPUT-FILE = NEW=[YES]
If you hit on O a file name can be entered - use M for [BASIC] and further follow instruction on the screen (yes - also in that time!).

In Win XP this all still works - on my system a little strange slow. So, with some patiences, it all works.
Perhaps you need to start the "DOS" prompt in a kind of compatability mode of Windows which perhaps can start Cardbox DOS in a way it can work as it does with XP.



28-May-2010 07:37

Hi Bert,

Many thanks for the reply... I'm going to find an XP machine and will try it on there.


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