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importing data from Excel

Can I import data from an excel field into Cardbox field containing Radio buttons or Check boxes.

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23-Mar-2009 14:14

I need to do this for a number of fields. For instance, in Excel, the clients gender is recorded as Male/ Female and I want to transfer the data to Cardbox Radio buttons with the same definitions. Other Excel fields have a value of false/true and I need to import them to radio buttons Yes/No.
I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out with this as this is a large database of about 1200 records and this problem applies (in differing variations) to about 10 fields. Happy to give more info if needed.

Many thanks

Charles Welling

23-Mar-2009 19:08

Helen, that's quite easy because there's nothing special about this. A Cardbox radio button is NOT a special kind of field, it is just a special way of looking at the data in an ordinary field. So, somewhere underneath the radio buttons are words, in your example "male" or "female". When you have told Cardbox to show both options as radio buttons and you import the corresponding words from Excel into the "Gender" field, the radio buttons will work.

You should realise though, that the words shown by the radio buttons are not necessarily the same as the words that are actually stored in the field. You may see "male" on the screen, but perhaps Cardbox stores just an "m". As a user you should know if this is the case. In that case you should replace "male" by "m" in Excel and then import the data.


24-Mar-2009 14:06

Thank you Charles, that's really helpful. I don't suppose you can tell me whether it's possible to perform the equivalent of a 'batch edit' within Excel?

Again, many thanks

Charles Welling

24-Mar-2009 14:46

Excel has a "Search and Replace" function. Have a look at the Edit menu.

And just a small piece of advice, perhaps for everybody: if an application has little or no options to manipulate data, or you're not familiar with them: use Cardbox instead. Suppose you have some text in Excel that really needs to be reorganised before you can import it into your database. Make a temporary database in Cardbox, a simple as possible. Import the crude text from Excel into the first field and use Batch Edit, Find and Replace and/or a macro to do the conversion. Then read the reorganised text from the temporary database into the final database.


26-Mar-2009 13:10

Thanks Charles - Worked a treat!

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