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Printing blank pages

New printer doesn't work!

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Robin Lee

24-Feb-2009 13:29

I first started using Cardbox way, way back in the pre-PC days, yes I ran it in CPM on an Amiga PCW !
I was able to mail-merge into WP software and produce crisp, clear reminder letters on a laser printer (connected to a bolted-on RS232 port on the back of the PCW), print sheets of address labels, summary lists etc.

Unlike so many software products, Cardbox has stayed around and it's been a fairly simple process to migrate to new hardware so kudos to Cardbox!

However, despite years and years of Cardbox experience I've just found myself completely stumped, I can't print anything! The problem started after I threw out my HP Deskjet printer and replaced it with an HP Photosmart D5460. Cardbox recognises the printer, allows me to set print quality, text colours etc yet the printer spits out blank sheets of paper. Does anyone have a clue as to the 'problem' please?


24-Feb-2009 19:04


In printer drivers are a lot of bugs. So first thing to do: get and install the latest version of your printer driver from hp.com.

However, by way of exception is Cardbox a little over sensitive for errors in printer drivers.

By the way: did not tell where you changed the printer settings. When you want to print?
If yes: try first to change some printer settings in the edit format mode. Try to print the format on several dpi settings. If this works, save the format (with new settings).
Does other software print correct?

You can also try for testing: make a new format - very simple one field and text.
If this works, add a mergeblock. After this, add an image and so on. Then you can see where and/or if it goes wrong.

If nothing helps: exchange your printer with one which is compatible with the rest of the Windows world :-) or tell your problem to support@cardbox.com...


Robin Lee

27-Feb-2009 18:01

Thank you for taking the time to try and solve my problem.

I tried changing the printer settings when selecting "Print".

I have now tried your suggestion and gone into 'Edit Format', I made a copy of the native format file and changed the 'dpi' setting from 600 to 300 then tried "print format" - that worked so I then saved the format as 'new printer format' and opened the database in that and tried printing a few records.

Same result, blank sheets of paper!

So, conclusion seems to be Cardbox will print in Edit Format mode but not in use database mode! Very strange.

I have a lot of software on my desktop from spreadsheets to mapping and navigation software, nothing else gives any problems!


28-Feb-2009 10:44

What OS? Vista, XP?
Did you download+install latest drivers? On disk is v10. On HP.COM is v12.

Robin Lee

12-Mar-2009 14:13

Many thanks Bert, latest driver fixed it! I did not think of that as it was a new model a few months back when I bought it!

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