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New command line has appeared

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23-Feb-2009 17:50

A comand line has begun appearing above the Cardbox layout everytime I click on the image button.
Before, the image field use to open before me, showing me the current image and other images as thumbnails along the edge of the field. Now however when I click on the image button (extreme right) a short command line appears showing the square full screen button, the horizontal minimice button and the cross close button. Why?. When I click on the full screen button I get the image field but not the thumbnails. How do I get it back to being able to see one image and the others as thumb nails?.

Charles Welling

24-Feb-2009 06:39

As far as I can tell, the system bar at the top of your screen must have always been there. Perhaps you have never noticed it before.

When you hit the maximise button, which is the same as choosing "image alone" from the right-click popup menu, you can return to the previous screen by hitting Escape.


24-Feb-2009 09:21

Charles, that's half the answer.

Actually nothing has changed. Juan's image window is still there, just as it always was. It still contains thumbnails down the left-hand side and the image on the right, just as it always did.

BUT - the window has been shrunk so small that none of it is visible except for the full-screen, minimize and close buttons.

You can make this happen yourself, by taking your image window and dragging its bottom right-hand corner upwards towards the top left. By the time Windows has stopped you, you have nothing left except the title bar and those buttons that Juan is seeing. Try it, and you'll see how puzzling it is!

To get a sensible amount of the window visible again, Juan simply needs to do the opposite: move the mouse onto the bottom right-hand corner of the tiny window until the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow, depress the mouse button, and drag down and to the right to enlarge the window to the size he wants.


27-Feb-2009 23:41

You guys are simply great. Thank you Cardboss you are the man, you are indeed the Boss. Thank you. Just by magic, just by moving the cursor as explained I got my window back. Yet again thanks.

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