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Keeping sequence after file is closed

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18-Feb-2009 09:13

I click on the Sequence button. Choose the Field for the sequence. Click OK. And the database is arranged in the chosen sequence. I close Cardbox. When I open again Cardbox that sequence is no longer there and I have to run it again.
How can I save that sequence so that it is there again when opening Cardbox.

Charles Welling

18-Feb-2009 13:15

There are two ways of making sure that your entire database always has the right sequence, INCLUDING any records that may be added or edited.

The first option is to use a macro that sorts your database and to run that macro every time you open your database (look at "Startup macro").

The second option is physically sorting your database. Sort your database, export it to a file in the internal format, delete your original database (better rename it), and create a new one from the exported sorted file. This is not a very efficient way for databases that are frequently edited.


18-Feb-2009 14:26

Thank you Charles. I am constantly altering the databases so I shall try and create a Macro. Never done that before. I shall look at "Startup macro".

Mary Doyle

18-Feb-2009 15:34


You could try the sequence of commands manually, note the sequence and then try the "record macro" option. Repeat the sequence of commands and save the macro as "Startup". Have a look at the text of the macro that results and you will probably be able to follow the logic of the commands. It would be quite easy to write a startup macro for you, but much easier for you to delve into it yourself. Not all macros can be recorded, but it can be a good way to get started, in combination with the Macros and Programming Manual.



18-Feb-2009 16:28

Charles and Mary, to save frustration for Home Edition users, it's worth noting that macro recording isn't included in the Home Edition.

Cardbox forgets the sequence for Level 0 (the level that you start with before you make any selections). "This behavior is by design", as Microsoft would say - there are technical reasons for not relying on a previously stored sequence at Level 0. It's a bit inconvenient, but there it is.

Sequences do get remembered at levels above Level 0. So if you have any sort of selection currently active, you will find that when you close and open Cardbox, the selection comes back and so does its sequence of records.


23-Feb-2009 15:44

Thank you all. I shall perservere as I am. You do tend to get lazy.

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