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Edit facility no longer available

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17-Feb-2009 18:59

I am running three databases. One one of these it is no longer possible to edit the file. The edit buttons are no longer highlighted. How do I get them back.

Charles Welling

18-Feb-2009 07:19

Juan, if you would take your car to a garage and tell the mechanic "My car isn't working properly, what wrong with it?", would you expect an answer?

Before anyone can tell you what's wrong, you have to be as specific as possible. Like: do you open these databases simultaneously, do you have user profiles, do you close these databses before closing Cardbox etc. etc. And most important: what did YOU try to solve the problem? People on this forum are not magicians with crystal balls.


18-Feb-2009 08:37

Yes of course, you are right.
I am sorry. Let me get back to you. At least you made me laugh this morning and for that alone I thank you.


18-Feb-2009 09:07

OK. I closed all data files. Closed cardbox. Checked user profiles and found I didn´t have any. Blindly went through all the menus trying to see if I could find any options which could help me restore the edit functions. I then hit on Rebuild file. Did that!! and behold just like magic my edit buttons were back. So thank you Charles. You were right of course I should not have given up so quickly.
Maybe you can help me with my next query. I will not post it here but as a new post so it can help others.


18-Feb-2009 09:39

I find the same problem and it is normally because for some reason only known to God and geeks the connection to the LAN is not quite right and the PC needs to get back on line. It sounds like the same in your case.



20-Feb-2009 18:10

That could well be it. The same things has happened again. I don´t know why, but all was well again after a rebuild. Anyway no harm done. If it happens again, I shall just rebuild again.

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