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Exporting an Object

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29-Jan-2009 13:06

n one of my database, I have created a field "object". I uss it to link the full text document (saved on the server) to the record.
I would like to know how can I export it with other fields (for example with the title&author) - as for example I would like to export my format (title/author/object) into a word document. Once redaing the word document, I would be to be able to open the full text ("object") without being obliged to return to CardBox.

Thank you for your attention,

Charles Welling

29-Jan-2009 13:55

Amélie, this is a bit puzzling. You say you have linked the object, and it is still somewhere on the server. So you cannot export it, as the content of the file is not part of a Cardbox text field. But why would you want to export it? If this is a Word document itself, or a spreadsheet or whatever, you can use the associated software to open and edit the file without any export at all. Which I believe is exactly what you want.


30-Jan-2009 07:23

Dear Charles,
Thank you for your response.
I give you more explanation:

Firs step: I save a document in any format (.doc, .pdf,...) on our server;
Second step: I create a record in Cadbox with a link to the full text in order to faclitate direct connection between the cadbox record and the full text.
TThird step: I would like to send to external people a listing (title/author/date/"full text") of new records added into the database but with the link also in order for them to have access directly from this listing to the full text (without being obliged to go into CardBox).

Hope this is clearer?!

Charles Welling

30-Jan-2009 08:07

Yes, that is clear as crystal. You could try the following solution. It is one that I use myself for a similar purpose.

1. Enter the filenaam of the saved file into your record as a link, NOT as an object. This is much easier and faster than creating a link to an object, and as the link is just a piece of text in a field it is exported as such.
So your link should look something like: "file://X:\acquisitions\new.pdf".
You can read all about links in the Help file. Search for "hyperlinks".
You should keep in mind that the filename should be one that works for every user. If you have access to a disk "X:" and other users don't, then the link will not work. Use UNC paths instead, e.g. "file://MyServer\acquisitions\new.pdf".

2. Send the information to the users as an e-mail. No need to export the listing to Word. If you wish, you can use HTML in your e-mail, which enables you to make nice-looking e-mails with all the fonts and colours you want. If you don't know how to do this, we'll see you back in the Macros and Programming section.

That's all, really. Once you have set this up, you'll only need to activate the macro, and it will only take a second or so to send the e-mails.



30-Jan-2009 08:17

Don't use file:// prefix but file: or file/ or file:/// but NOT file://
File:// (two slashes) give problems in some situations.


30-Jan-2009 08:24

Also: don't forget to replace spaces into %20... (macro!)
b.e.: file:c:\my%20documents\pdfs\1.pdf


3-Feb-2009 13:33

Dear Charles,
I tried your solution of a link instead of an object but it is not working as my documents are saved on a system called HummingbirdDM. In CardBox, the object is a reference .drf - this is relevant as it always link to the last version of the document.

If you have another solution for me, it will be great!

Thank you in advance,

Charles Welling

3-Feb-2009 14:43

If I understand this correctly, your Cardbox client is able to view the files that are stored on the Hummingbird DM because you have the software that is associated with these files installed on your PC. If your users do not have this software, they will not be able to use any link ("file:" link or linked object) because Cardbox cannot open these files for them.

The "file:" link in an e-mail would most certainly work if they have the software installed.

But, Hummingbird offers a solution in the form of the WebTop client, which is browser-based. If your users have access to the Hummingbird DM through this WebTop client, sending them the correct link ought to work. On the other hand, ik they have access to the Hummingbird, why use Cardbox at all?

Could you please enlighten me?

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