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Problem Exporting Cardbox to Excel

When I try to export cardbox to excel all the information for each record appears on one line.

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28-Jan-2009 12:13

When I try to export cardbox to excel all the information for each record appears on one line.

I am doing


Write a comma delineated file

Under the file name a file called versons.txt comes up and I click on it and then ok.

When opening this file in excel everything all the record details are on 1 excel line.

Can you help please




28-Jan-2009 15:36

Which build of Cardbox Client you use?
Which version of Excel - which language?

Charles Welling

29-Jan-2009 09:23

Kate, have a look at the following:

If you have given the exported file the extension ".csv" and you double-click it, Excel will open it as if it were an Excel file, and it will look for TABS that seperate the fields.
However, when you export a file from Cardbox, the character used for seperation is the COMMA.

But, when you import the file in an empty Excel sheet instead of opening the file directly, you're asked which character seperates the data: TAB, semicolon, comma etc.
You can import the file using the 'Data' menu in Excel, or change the extension of your exported file to ".txt" and double-click it.

Make sure you select "comma", otherwise Excel will again look for TABS. Excel will now recognise your fields.


31-Jan-2009 20:38

Hi Bert, we are using Excel 2007 and I am not sure how I find out which Cardbox client I am using?



31-Jan-2009 21:45

You can see which build of Carbox in Help - About.
I ask it because I remember there was a long time ago a bug in Cardbox which did strange things in this area (the bug is - as always - eliminated very quick after discovering).

One question: is one complete record in the first cel (which repeats for every record in first cel below) or are all records in the first cel?

kind regards

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