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help please building a new database!

I need someone to build me a database!

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25-Jan-2009 22:01

Hello, im a bit of a novice at using cardbox, i do understand that its meant to be easy to use but i really have no idea what to do. Im looking for an experienced user to build me a database


25-Jan-2009 22:22

Hola Moreno it would be helpful if you would describe your requirements. What do you wish to use the database for and what would you like the database to do. I may be able to help.


26-Jan-2009 13:38

Hello Juan.
Thats the problem I amm not sure.
I work in financial services. I would like to have a customer base. Basic front page would have client details. Name address phone number e mail address;
Each customer has a number of policies for example Pension Life assurance Mortgage home insurance. I would like to bring up client and see the products he haws. I would then like to click on a product and have details of that product eg. When it started amount of cover current value etc.
|I would like to have a search facility where I could bring up all clients with say pension products or all clients of a certain age. or clients living in a certain post code / Zip code.Would like to do a mail merge for E Mail or post with the database
I seem to want a lot. I am of course prepared to pay if it affordable for me to get what I want.
Am i fairly clear in my needs
Thanks Moreno


26-Jan-2009 15:25

Hello Moreno,
As a consultant, I have designed and implemented for clients Cardbox databases of different complexities, including helping them analyze their needs and define their requirements, and I would definitely be able to help you out.

Please contact me off list at icar-consulting@rogers.com to discuss details of your needs and the way I can help you.

Best regards,

Charles Welling

26-Jan-2009 15:47

Moreno, I'm sorry to say that this is NOT going to get you anywhere. You simply cannot use software in an intelligent way without being at least familiar with the basics. Perhaps you should read the question posted by Craig in the Macros and Programming section. He was up and running after taking a few simple steps.

Most users would be able to help you, but having people do everything for you makes you dependent and you'll need help over and over again. Even if you do decide to get some professional help (to build you a database of course!), it is better if you make such a decision after having read the manual and after at least trying. You don't have to build a full-fledged database in a single hour. Try making a very simple one. That is one of the strong points of Cardbox. You can start very simple and expand without the need to completely redesign your database.

For instance, did you consider reading the Getting Started manual? If not: read it, try it and then get back if that is still necessary.


26-Jan-2009 17:57

Hello Moreno, I would like to help you. What you wish for can be achieved but I think Charles Welling speaks a lot of sense. You should try an follow his advice. You will be surprised how quickly you progress and you will have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. The members of this forum can and will give you advice whenever you hit a stumbling block. Alternatively as Juliana says there are experts out there who can provide really professional services. Do try Charles suggestion first. Very rewarding. I speak from experience and Cardbox is taylored for beginners as well as professionals.


26-Jan-2009 18:13

Thanks very much Charles and everyone else for your advice. I have so little spare time and not very computer literate so I was looking for the easy and quick way out.

I know what you say makes sense Charles and Juan. Hmm not sure I will let you know how I get on. If I can persuade a great friend of mine to look at it with me I will probably take your advice. If he has no time I will probably take the easy way out. I don't even know what macros is other than sometimes I need to enable it :-(
Thanks again


26-Jan-2009 18:25

I would like to reinforce what Juan says: read the manual, it is not difficult, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. I am also not IT litterate but I have used Cardbox for fifteen years and it is the backbone of what we do particularly since version 3 and networking etc. I also did not know what a macro was at the beginning, but you can experiment and then ask or read the manual, and go on from there. One of the problems with other databases is that they are made by the software not for the user eg Outlook, Access etc. For example the fields in Outlook are really difficult to use, the data cannot be manipulated, and it slow to search.


Mary Doyle

26-Jan-2009 21:48


Charles is giving you very good advice. As for not being IT literate - I didn't even know how to turn on the computer (to my great embarrassment at the time) when I first got Cardbox. I was even a little scared of computers. However, I started reading the Cardbox manual, started with the basics and built from there. Forget about macros for the moment. You can achieve a lot without them. They didn't even exist when I started back in 1990, but I still had several very functional databases operating without them. Once you get more comfortable with Cardbox you can investigate further. As Charles said, begin with the Getting Started manual. You are the person who really knows what you want your databases to do. Once you have your database you will probably keep wanting to make it better and will be able to do so if you design it yourself. Cardbox is designed with people like you and me in mind. With a little effort you will be able to design a database that best suits your needs. It will empower you and you might be amazed at what you eventually achieve. I know I have been.

As the French say when they ecounter someone climbing up a mountain: "Courage!"



28-Jan-2009 16:44

Hey I found the Getting started manual. After searching the box about ten times.
Will keep nou informed



4-Feb-2009 11:23

hello, my very good friend has been able to start the database with me...however, how do we use radio buttons and drop down lists? when i insert it it asks me which macro i wish to run?

Charles Welling

4-Feb-2009 12:25

Moreno, I think you're confusing BUTTONS and RADIO BUTTONS, which are different things.

When you insert a button in a format, the button has to do something. Otherwise, why have it at all? The most common things buttons do is executing built-in commands or running macros.

Radio buttons and drop-down lists are alternative ways of looking at a field. Normally, you see the text that has been stored in the field. When you are editing the format and have a look at the properties of the field, you'll see a dropdown list with "view:". The default choice is "normal (text)", but you can change is into "radio button", "drop-down list" or "check boxes".
Read the manual for specifics.


4-Mar-2009 13:43

Hi I have tried but I would really like some help. Is there anybody that could build me a data base. I am lacking in knowledge and time.
Looking forward to hearing from anyone that can help. You can also E Mail me on moreno@westbrookfs.co.uk
Thanks Moreno

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