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Importing PDF with new build

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19-Jan-2009 12:05

I may be mistaken and could have misunderstood. But I thought the latest build (4274) would iron out the Ghostscript and cardbox3.ini problems within cardbox to facilitate the import of PDF files. I have installed the new build but I am still not able to import PDF´s. Am I doing something wrong still or have I misread the intention.


19-Jan-2009 14:08

Juan, you are mistaken and you have misunderstood.

The announcement says that "Build 4274 writes some troubleshooting information to the Cardbox log file" to help you to set up Ghostscript properly. It says nothing about any problems in Cardbox that needed ironing out.

When you followed the instructions in the Troubleshooting section of http://www.cardbox.com/support/kb/importPDF.htm, what report was written in the log file? That report should tell you what you are doing wrong.


21-Jan-2009 18:44

Yep, thought so. Back to square one. I just don´t know what I have been doing wrong. I followed the instructions and installed Ghostscript but still can´t get the PDF files to show themselves.


21-Jan-2009 20:04

And what were the suggestions you got when you wrote this to support@cardbox.com?


22-Jan-2009 21:00

I haven´t been in touch with support. They helped me achieve this while on another PC and I don´t want to bother them again with the same problem on this PC. I shall be at my other PC next week, I will then be able to have a look within it and try and copy it to my laptop. That should sort it.

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