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New build (4274) of Cardbox available for download

Build 4274 of Cardbox 3.0 is now available for download.

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6-Jan-2009 14:53

Build 4274 of Cardbox 3.0 corrects some minor bugs: to do with field visibility when changing user profiles, and to do with some features of the find-and-replace command.

For the benefit of users who want to be able to import PDF files as images into Cardbox, but are having difficulty setting up Ghostscript correctly, Build 4274 writes some troubleshooting information to the Cardbox log file. See http://www.cardbox.com/support/kb/importPDF.htm for full details.

You can find details of all the changes at http://www.cardbox.com/support/clientHistory.htm.

To upgrade to Build 4274 of Cardbox 3.0, go to http://www.cardbox.com/downloading/updates.htm and follow the instructions.

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