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Help required! Moving from Cardbox ver 1.1.02 to ver 3

We want to move all our Cardbox 1.1.02 data from Win95 pc to a new XP PC running Cardbox ver3...Need Macro help too

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28-Dec-2008 21:08

I hope someone can help, we run a small clothing company and we use Cardbox ver 1.1.02 to keep our customer records on, the problem is that our old Win95 PC's are dying and I want to move all the data on to a newer Win XP PC.
I've tried copying over the Cardbox files and application on to the XP PC, but I am having issues, which I assume are compatibiltiy issues. Cardbox ver 1.1.02 will not run on XP, I get a general protection error when I try and run it in XP but if I run it in a dos window I do have some luck. I get access to my records but am unable to run any searches without it giving me a **ERROR** C:CUSTNZ.FIL ERROR, CODE = 7 - Hit ESC to continue: message.
I visited the Cardbox website and download ver 3 and copied all my data across, and hey presto it worked, I could see all my records……HOWEVER my problem is that I have not got a clue how to use this application other than inputting customer data and carrying out simple searches. We used the old version 1.1.02 in DOS mode to run series of searches and then print these results to a labels.LST template file, we then used this file to print out our address labels.
I think what I need is a Macro, something which looks for clothing size (size range 10 to 18), customer surname and also customer initial. The search we used on the DOS version was an Alphabetical search on +sz+na+in, (size, name, initial) then selecting with se sz\10:18 (size 10 through to 18 , however we need to be able to select the size ie just size 12 )and then date range search se de\2006:2008 (again also be able to select a specific date).
From there we then tagged all our results from our search above and then select a template, which was labels and then print it to a file (i.e print to=[disk]), output the file to LABELS.LST, change NEW to NO and change formatting to UNFORMATTED, after that we could then print out our labels for the customers which met our searches.

I hope someone can make sense of all this and point me in the right direction as I’m not sure which direction to turn in with this……I just do not know how to create a multiple search for everything I need above.

I Look forward to your comments [not the ones about running Cardbox version 1.1.02 on a Win 95 platform!]


Charles Welling

29-Dec-2008 08:10

Craig, this is what I'd call a small step for mankind and a giant leap for man.

What you ask for is in fact a complete instruction on how to use Cardbox3. Although the basics have never really changed, there are so many things different and better, that I can give you only one advice: read the manual and read it again.

Don't start asking for macros, or start writing them yourself, before you have at least mastered the basic commands and have a global idea of what version 3 can do because otherwise you'll never know what you are doing or what the macro does. You'll reduce yourself to a button hitter, and if it doesn't work someday, you'll need help again and again and again.

I'm perfectly willing to help as soon as you've got your database properly set up and know a bit about creating formats and selecting. The manual covers this step by step, it's really excellent. Believe me, your multiple searches are a piece of cake with Cardbox3. After that you are able to ask for specific solutions, but I've read your story and what you do with Cardbox is in fact so easy, that I doubt that you'll need any help at all once you're familiar with this version.

Regards, Charles


29-Dec-2008 18:44

Thanks for getting back to me Charles, I did not think I'd get such a quick reply. To be honest I'm not sure that I want to get to know the application too well as I am only looking at this problem as a favour for my wife who works for this company. You see due to the current financial problems her boss had to let all the admin staff go their total staff number is a mere 5 and as a result there is no one left who knows the application. I've been helping out from time to time if there have been any computer problems, but I know if I get too familiar with the application I'm going to be called upon more and more, so ideally all I wanted was to get it running on a stable OS and reliable computer. So after the macros, or what ever is needed, is in place the people who are using it would, to quote you, be 'button hitters'.

Would the database which they are already working with not be sufficient? I've copied the database across to the new version and it all looks ok, I just need to be able to output the required data so that they can create their address labels for their brochures.
If it is going to be too much hassle, I'll have to get my wife to tell her boss to put her hand in her pocket and get someone in who knows all about Cardbox. Failing that I'll put her old computers back in and she'll have to keep her fingers crossed that they stay up and running for a little while longer.

Anyway, thanks again for getting back to me so quick, If you can help out that'll be great, but if it is too much hassle then I don't expect you to provide me with a complete how to guide.
Thanks again and have a great New Year.

Charles Welling

30-Dec-2008 08:14

Craig, first of all: don't go back to the old version. That's a dead end. Here's what I would do in your case:

1. Open the database and use Tools > Management > Rebuild to convert the old database to the new file format, so you can use all the new features. This tool also checks if the database is not corrupt.

2. I'd change the old field names like "sz" and "na" to "size" and "name" etc. This is not necessary, but it makes selecting records from the database so much easier for people who would otherwise would have to be told that "sz" really means "size". You can make this kind of changes by editing the native format. The native format is what you see on the screen when you open the database. Choose Edit > Format > Edit. The screen will change to edit mode. Then right-click a field and have a look at its properties. You'll see a button "Rename". Hit it :-)
Save your changes.

3. Create a format for the labels: Edit > Format > New Format.
Insert a merge block (Insert > Merge block), which defines an area on the screen where fields are shown together as a block, and put your fields "name", "address" etc. within this merge block. The Cardbox Help file gives you a concise explanation of merge blocks. Read about the property "automatic height" which, if used, will print the labels without empty lines when the content of a field varies in length.
You can use File > Printer settings to select a built-in label size or create a custom label size.

Doing this will only take a little time. It will get you going and it will give you a feel of the application without making you too knowledgeable, which I understand is not a desirable condition in your case.
There's no way anyone can do this for you from a distance.

A macro that makes standard selections can simply be recorded, but please feel free to come back to this forum with any specific questions.

And of course a Happy New Year to all of you out there (that includes agnostic blackscots, Mary!).

(Craig, ignore that last bit, it was a little joke from the Macros and Programming section.)


30-Dec-2008 14:09

Thanks again Charles, I will have a play with this tonight and try out your suggestions and I'll keep you informed of my progress.


1-Jan-2009 19:34

Hi Charles, as promised I have an update for you. IT WORKS!! I can't believe how straight forard it actually was, i've managed to import the database, run all the tasks / searches as required and Print labels......I'm thinking of changing jobs to become a database designer!!
Thanks for all you help Charles....I know where to come if I need and further help, but hopefully now this has been done I will know longer be called upon to revive the computers and database!

Happy 2009 to all.....


3-Jan-2009 09:51

This would have been one thing I could have helped with and Charles beat me to it. I had to do exactly the same thing myself not long ago. I don´t know if Craig came accross the sane problem but I couldn´t rebuild some small databases even after transferring both data and format file to the same directory. Anyway just a small glitch. I am glad Craig was able to run his.


3-Jan-2009 09:52

I forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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