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Cardbox client build 4272

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23-Dec-2008 12:22


I have detected a problem with Cardbox 4272.
I start Cardbox with the last file opened with a userprofile for which at least one field is not visible.
When I change the userprofile in “master” userprofile the “hidden” field doesn’t become visible (change the format or scrolling doesn’t help)
Starting with the masterprofile and then changing the profile works ok . The “hidden” field toggles with the userprofile.


23-Dec-2008 13:16


This is really an item to mail to support@cardbox.com...



23-Dec-2008 17:37

Bert, you're right, but now that Diony has raised the question here I may as well answer it here.

The "hidden/unhidden" problem is a bug. It was reported quite recently, has already been corrected, and a new build incorporating the correction will be available for download early in the New Year. As usual we'll announce the new build on Cardbox News. The build number will probably be 4274.

The intriguing thing is that this is a very old bug, but for years no-one noticed its existence!


3-Jan-2009 09:43

Diony should get a price for spotting it. As far as I am concerned I would give him a price for knowing what you are all talking about. You are all just too advanced for me. I have been using Cardbox since the 1980s and even so I realise that I am missing out on all its features.
I wish I could solve my PDF import problem.

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