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Deselecting a Radio Button

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23-Dec-2008 09:27


I have a few radio button fields in my database. Now, I can choose one and change the selection to a different radio button with no problems.

I cannot seem to deselect a radio button though, so that NONE are selected.

Am I missing something obvious?


23-Dec-2008 10:25

Radiobuttons: always one has to be selected.
It is not Windows-like that there is one radiobutton unselected. So that in a new record none is selected is not really Windows but a Cardbox feature...

I always use radiobuttons in combination with validation "default entry" where the default entry is the term "nothing_selected" which I add also in the list of radiobuttons items. Easy to find forgotten entries...

If you want to be free selecting none, one or more items: use checkboxes.

If you really want to uncheck all radiobuttons, then on a macroline is needed (when in edit mode):
Fields("radiobutton_field") = ""



23-Dec-2008 10:52


I have detected a problem with Cardbox 4272.
I start Cardbox with the last file opened with a userprofile for which at least one field is not visible.
When I change the userprofile in “master” userprofile the “hidden” field doesn’t become visible (change the format or scrolling doesn’t help)
Starting with the masterprofile and then changing the profile works ok . The “hidden” field toggles with the userprofile.


23-Dec-2008 11:39

Thanks bert, I'll add an extra button then. The reason I chose radio buttons was because I don't want anyone to be able to select more than one. It's an 'or' situation, not an 'and'.

But that's a good solution, thank you.

Diony, I think you need a new thread for that problem.

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