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use of cardbox 3.0 to create an archive catalogue

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LCM Archivist

8-Dec-2008 11:48


I have to use Cardbox 3.0 to design an archives catalogue that compiles with the General International Standard Archival Description, second edition. This involves creating multi-level descriptions of archives from the general to the specific.

Are there any archive professionals preferably based in London that are using this software?


8-Dec-2008 12:40

I developed for the City of Leiden in The Netherlands a tool using Cardbox and VB6 for making a inventory (right term in English?). After entering data in Cardbox with a MS Word macro a paper inventory, exact by the common standard can be generated.

I use three databases for every archive: one for sections, one for the records, one for annexes.
In most actions macros are used. B.e.: data entry the macro first asks to select a section, than enter the file, optinonal you can add annexes. Also for serial is a tool.
It works perfect - the great advantage is people who are dont knowing what they are doing in a db, they use the macro - all things go fine. For experts you can enter/correct directly data without getting trouble in your databases.
We did switch off the separate number index in all databases. For right sequencing b.e. 1 , 2, 1.1 and 1.1.1 a must!

There is also a check macro available which controls structure of the entered data is done by the standards and reports if there is something wrong (section numbering etc).

The City of Leiden did have great benefit making inventories of new archives which is now a nice and efficient job with CarIn (CARbox INnventory).

Sorry, I do not live in Londen...

Bert (archivist)

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