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Cardbox and the new rate of VAT

The rate of Value Added Tax has been changed from 17½% to 15%.

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1-Dec-2008 11:48

Professional Edition - prices are always quoted without VAT, and they remain unchanged. For purchases made on or after today, VAT will be added at the new rate of 15%.

Home Edition - the price has been reduced from £46.80 + VAT = £54.99 to £46.00 + VAT = £52.90.

The automated systems in the Sales section of http://www.cardbox.com have all been updated to show the new prices.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: any subscription taken out on or after today will automatically have VAT added at the new rate.

If you have received a reminder from us recently, quoting VAT at 17.5%, and have already paid this, then the invoice date will be the date of the reminder and the 17.5% rate will apply. If you have not yet paid for your technical support subscription, you have two choices:

1. Visit http://www.cardbox.com/mycardbox.htm and renew directly online. This will charge you VAT at the new 15% rate. You can pay by credit card, or you can create a pro-forma invoice and use this to organise payment by cheque or bank transfer.

2. Recalculate the amount on the reminder we sent you, using 15% rather than 17.5% as the rate of VAT (for example, a single-user subscription will become 37.50 + 15% = £43.12 instead of £44.06).


NOTE: VAT is applied to sales in the UK, and also to sales in the EU if you are not registered for VAT (or do not give us your registration number). EU sales to VAT-registered entities and all non-EU sales do not have VAT added.

If you have any queries about any of this, please contact us: http://www.cardbox.com/sales/distributors.htm.

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