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Unable to edit a Database

I am unable to edit a Database and wondered why

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20-Nov-2008 15:07

We have set up a database that is made up mainly from merge blocks, there is one typable field installed in the database. Unfortunately the typable field, wont let us type in it!, the edit record button is greyed out.

All other databases within the format work perfectly fine, it is just this one particular database that wont let us do it

Any ideas?


20-Nov-2008 15:52

If you hold the mouse over the disabled Edit button in the toolbar, or if you open the Edit menu and move the mouse onto the disabled Edit Record command and hold it there, Cardbox will give you some sort of explanation that may help.


20-Nov-2008 15:58

Hi, it says "this format does not allow you to add or edit records, either because it variable-height merge block or because it does not contain any fields atall"

The database does have various merge blocks this is correct, but it also contains 1 field!


20-Nov-2008 17:17

Any format that has at least one variable height merge block is not editable.
If you need to edit the one field, you must change your format/merge block properties and un-check the "automatic height" property.
If you really needed the "automatic height" merge blocks, you will have to do the editing in another format.

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