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Deleting Databases

How to delete a database

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18-Oct-2008 12:10

I am a new user and have now bought a copy of Cardbox - while experimenting I looked at some public databases; they are still listed under <windows> on the menu.
I know it should be easy but I can't seem to delete these from coming up every time I open <window> - is there a way to delete them please?


18-Oct-2008 13:11

"Remove" Server name from the list and all served db's of that server are not showed anymore.
It is not possible to hide in the client a specific db on a server (should be nice). That is only on serverside possible.

Success & Kind Regards
Bert S


18-Oct-2008 13:27

Thanks for that Bert - sorry to be so thick but where is 'remove' and from what list?
I am using a home edition.
Basically I have one native format that I want to retain but remove all the others that are shown when I start that database.
I am starting to think that you cannot just open one database but that Cardbox opens all of your databases when it starts - will have a good read of the manual tonight - but there must be a way to remove a database you no longer want, deleting it from your computer will do that for those you have made yourself I suppose but I want to get rid of a 'public' one.

Charles Welling

18-Oct-2008 15:41

If I understand correctly, your copy of Cardbox opens a number of databases when you start it. Cardbox has a feature which is called "workspaces". It means that when you close Cardbox, it remembers what you were doing. So, when you closed Cardbox and you had some public databases open at that time, it will reopen them every time you start Cardbox. Undoing this is very simple: close any databases before you close Cardbox. Cardbox will then remember that you had no databases open, and the next time it will start without opening them.

This feature is very useful when you are doing something you wish to continue after some time. In your case, you don't want to continue viewing the public databases, so just close them before exiting.


18-Oct-2008 15:50

Hi JayCee
Do you mean the database names that are listed when you click in "Window" in the menu bar?

If that is the case, the following applies (assuming that you are using Cardbox 3 - which has unfortunately lost the easy to access and use "Configure Cardbox" command available in Cardbox 2):

-The windows menu displays the list of all the databases open concurrently - you can switch to any of the databases by clicking on its name in the list or you can choose Widows-Cascade - to see all the individual database windows cascaded on the screen within the main Cardbox window. The "active" window, i.e. the database you are currently working on, has a navy blue title bar, while the inactive windows have dimmed-gray title bars. You can activate any database by clicking on its window )
- When you Exit - Carbox remembers your workspace configuration (including all the databases you have opened, selections, sequences, etc.)- next time you start Cardbox, it will open in the exact configuration you left it on exit.
-In order to have Cardbox only open one particular database - in the cascaded databases window, close the undesired databases by activating then closing it using the "Close" button in the top right corner of the active window.
- There is much more to Workspace and the available features and as you become a seasoned Cardbox user you will find them very useful. You can read about them in the "Workspace Comand" section of the online Help.


18-Oct-2008 16:26

Thanks to all - I need to sit down and sort out the concepts of waorkspace I think - sorry to be a pain but I have another problem now whichh I will start a new topic for.

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