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Missing Macro Record, Play buttons

We are running Cardbox build 4269 and one of our users has lost the ability to record macros

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6-Oct-2008 09:14

Morning all, we are running Cardbox build 4269 and one of our users has lost the ability to record macros, the record, play, pause buttons have vanished from the toolbar and the manage macros facility has vanished from the tools menu.

This user is running on completely trusted from our server, is there an easy fix, or is this something a bit more difficult.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


6-Oct-2008 10:59

Your user is using the Client Edition of Cardbox, which doesn't have macros, rather than the Professional Edition, which does.

The commonest way that this can happen on a network such as yours is that the user's copy of Cardbox couldn't contact the Cardbox Server at startup, to borrow a Professional Edition licence. This could be because the user started Cardbox before the Cardbox Server was running, or because there was a temporary problem of some kind on your network. Cardbox does display an error message when this happens, but typically users in a hurry don't read the text of error messages, they just click OK so they can get on with their work.

In that case, all the user needs to do is to close Cardbox and then open it again.

Alternatively, it may be that Cardbox has somehow been reconfigured (on the user's machine) *not* to borrow licences. In that case, it's easy to set up Cardbox to borrow licences again. See "Changing licences after installation" in the Knowledge Base at http://www.cardbox.com/support/kb.htm.

Since you have a technical support subscription, you're welcome to email us at support@cardbox.com if the problem doesn't respond to simple treatment. If you do so, it will be useful if you send us the Help > About Cardbox report for the computer in question: instructions for this can be found at http://www.cardbox.com/support/helpabout.htm.


6-Oct-2008 11:30

Cardboss, we chose the easy option of restarting and it worked a treat, Thanks

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