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batch updates in relational search

Macroscript to change a selection of records that match a field of all record in another database.

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Saskia Leefsma

2-Oct-2008 19:17

I need to single out all matches from one database to another. A relation search does that beautifully for each record, i.e. a match to the search text of a field in database A results in a number of records in database B. Stepping to the next record in A results in another selection in B. B however remains in level 1 and thus does not gather all matches to all records of A.
I tried various scripts, but they all fail at the point of either a batch update or the command to tag all of a selection, in order to edit in batch at a later stage.


2-Oct-2008 22:14

Hi Saskia,
I suppose you use one field for the relational search. Try the macrocommand "Listindex" for gathering all relevent terms in database A. With this result you can query database B.

Bert S.

Saskia Leefsma

8-Oct-2008 07:51

Thank you, Bert, also for the swiftness of your reply. Does listIndex not only work for single terms? I also need (or needed, the work is done now, though in a slower way) to match multiple terms?

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