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Interface with Gracenote

Has anyone an ideas on the subject, please?

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13-Sep-2008 18:17

I use Cardbox as a music track catalogue. All entries are manually keyed in. Populating the Artist, Track Title, etc from Gracenote would save a lot of time. Has anyone an ideas on the subject, please?


26-Sep-2008 14:42

Can you expand on what it is you mean?


10-Oct-2008 18:30

I produce and present music radio programmes. I use Cardbox to host a catalogue containing titles of music (single and album tracks) and artists, together with other info relating to the track, including its location in my library, and when it has been used in a radio programme. All of this data has been manually keyed in from the sleeve notes/record label. There is other commercially available record cataloguing software that can download track and artist info from the Gracenote site, automatically upon inserting the CD into a PC drive. What I'm looking for is some means of doing the same with my existing Cardbox, to save having to key in every title and artist when adding records/CDs to the catalogue. I have, incidentally, looked at using other software for the catalogue, but Cardbox is more flexible and robust, and has served me well for over twenty years.

Mary Doyle

11-Oct-2008 19:49

Hi Steve,

I recently acquired CD Trustee (http://www.base40.com/) to download the information from Gracenote and was able to download the data for all my CDs really quickly. You just put each CD into the drawer, the program takes the initial data from each one, then opens the drawer and asks you to insert the next one. Then you just click a button to look for the details on Gracenote and all the tracks for each CD are downloaded as a bulk operation.

I have had a look at the export formats and it exports in CDL (comma delimited format). It would be quite easy to create a matching format in Cardbox to read in the data. You could add whatever additional information fields you wanted in your Cardbox format. CD Trustee costs $40 - well worth it for me because of the hours of work it saved.

I find it really useful when I have heard a tune in a session that I want to learn. I can easily search my CDs now to see if I have it on record.

Hope you find a solution that suits you.



18-Oct-2008 14:48

thanks, Mary. Looks like what I'm looking for.

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