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Aligning a field

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Hans van der Laan

7-Sep-2008 21:03

When I enter text in a field it is left-aligned. I want it to be centered or right-aligned.
How can I give the field this characteristic?



8-Sep-2008 02:02

In an editable field the data is always left aligned, you cannot change that. Right or left alignment may only be set in merge blocks. If you need the right alignment for display/printing purposes, you could
create an alternative format where the field whose content you wish to be displayed right-aligned or centered is inserted in a merge block.
To choose the desired alignment, in the edit- format screen - right click the merge block to display the "Merge block properties" window and choose the desired option in the "Align" box.

Charles Welling

8-Sep-2008 05:17

As an alternative to the alternative format you could have a merge block next to the editable field. You can see the result of the alignment as you type. So, if you have a field "TEXT", create a merge block of the same size next to it and insert your field. Any changes you make to "TEXT" appear real-time in the merge block as well.

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