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How to export from cardbox

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19-Aug-2008 14:17

I need to be able to export files from cardbox to Excel, How do select all the records in a database to export them? Im am using cardbox 2 on a PC
Many thanks


19-Aug-2008 15:47

- First, to insure that all records of the database are exported, clear all selections to reach Level 0, and display the first record (any write or print command starts from the current record).
- Choose File-Transfer-Write - than, in the write window choose "comma delimited text file" from the file type list (I hope I am getting the command words exactly-I am on vacation, with no access to a copy of "Cardbox"-if not, it should be close enough to help figure out the correct option) - the displayed settings offer an opportunity to make sure you are exporting the entire database.
- Set the desired path, and press OK
- Open Excel, than File-open (or "import?)-[yourfile.txt]-

Good luck,


19-Aug-2008 16:04

Thanks for you reply,
I have done as you said, Reached level 0 and displayed the first record but when I transfer
write out to my C drive as an "comma delimited text file" when i click ok to start to export nothing happens! The dialog box just stays there.


19-Aug-2008 20:13

This is strange. I should work.
Did you look at all settings in that "write" dialog box? Isn't there an option that should be selected and isn't? Did you name your export file, etc.?- Unfortunately, as I told you earlier, I do not have a Cardbox database in front of me to verify each step - so I am working from memory.
You could try to read "Help.Write ..." to see if there is another step to the process.
I will only be back home next Sunday, but I am sure someone else on the forum will help you by then, I not, I will be happy to do it then.



21-Aug-2008 10:13

Thanks for your reply Iuliana I have fixed the problem now

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