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New page command in format

How do I insert a new page command in a record

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15-Aug-2008 15:52

From our database we need to send simple postal reminders, and when created the fields are merged successfully.
However in print preview the records overflow on the page. The traditional way of solving this problem last time I used Cardox (Z80 days!) was to insert a carriage return followed by a line feed CR/LF
However as we now have laser and inkjet printers, which respond to a "new page command" how do I insert same into a record, so that when printed it calls for a new page?


15-Aug-2008 16:49

I'me not sure if this is your solution. But I think it is worth to look at this:
In a mergeblock you can tell Cardbox that when printed, it must start printing that mergeblock on a new page.

I know on the wishlist of a future Cardbox even you can tell Cardbox that it muast start printing after this instruction on a odd or even page. Especially interesting for double-side printing!

So look into the mergeblock properties.

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