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registering Cardbox Server

Not a system admin. .. what options do I have ref. registration of server version if demo version already registered.

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Greg McN

14-Aug-2008 13:07

I work in a corporate environment and the section needed a database bepoke to their needs. I had your demo version downloaded (in April last) to learn how to use Cardbox (very successfully). At the same time Cardbox Server was ordered. I, as Cardbox administrator (which I still am) registered the demo so that I could learn how to control users and their rights.

Carbox server was installed by one of our network administrators and the disks retained by I.T. sevices so I don't have access to serial numbers or identifiers.

Is there a way I can register Cardbox Server (as "Cardbox administrator"). It is most unlikely that the necessary info. will be released to me and no-one in I.T. services will want to become "Cardbox admin" (I don't think the section would want that either!

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