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Add link to nerworkfile

I'm not able to add a link to a networkfile

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25-Jun-2008 06:21

Using Cardbox 3.0 in the input form I want to add a link to a network file. If I make a link to a internet page it works perfect by adding e.g. http:\\blablabla. Now I use G:\blablabla, but it is not recognised as a link. Can you please help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance!


25-Jun-2008 07:56

You need to use a file: prefix. For instance, file:G:\blablabla.

If you open the Cardbox help file and search for the word "hyperlinks", you'll find an article on "Setting up hyperlinks to web pages" that covers this topic and gives more advice.


25-Jun-2008 09:20

Thanks for your swift reply! I do not believe that I was clear enough in my question. What I try to establish is a link to a file or folder on the network. Now the users of cardbox see a path on the network where thuy can find information gegarding the requested subject. The follow the path and have access to this information. I would like to use the path as a link, so clicking on this link they are directly send to the information. Hopefully I was now more clear and maybe you can help me with this.

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