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Speller in Cardbox

Use MS Office speller in Cardbox using a macro

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9-Jun-2008 10:10


Because the Dutch speller in Cardbox is outdated and a little poor, I decided to make a macro which calls the MS Office spelling. It works perfect! In these situations it works:
- xp prof NL + mso 2003 UK + Dutch language pack
- xp prof NL + mso 2K prof Dutch

However: on some machines it does not work: the speller dialog does not appear. This happens in these configurations:
- xp prof UK + mso 2003 UK + Dutch language pack
- Win2K NL + mso 2003 prof NL

I mail this to Cardbox. On their machines (I do not know their configurations) the macro runs without error messages, but also the speller dialog does not appear.

I am interested in your experience with this macro. How is its behaviour in Vista and MSO 2007 by example?

I do not harm your machine, so you can use it without risk.

Kind Regards
Bert Stortenbeker

The macro:

if ActiveRecord.Userediting = true then
    fld = ActiveField.Name
    Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    objWord.Visible = False
    Set objDoc = objWord.Documents.Add()
    objDoc.content = fields(fld)
    fields(fld) = objDoc.content
    set objDoc = nothing
    set objWord = nothing
end if

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