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11-May-2008 10:02

I'm currently using Cardbox 3.0 (Professional Edition) and I'm trying to figure out this validation business as I'm new to Cardbox. Someone previously has set up validators but I can't seem to get the window up to edit these validators...

I;ve read that in the native format you double click on a field and then use Edit>Item properties and then pick the validation tab... but I can't seem to even find the item properties at all!

Sorry if this seems trivial but I'm new to it all and I'm completely baffeled... Thanks to anyone who can help!!! :)


11-May-2008 13:29

Rather than double-click, you must RIGHT-CLICK the field in the Native Format, or select the field than click on "Edit" (Menu bar) and choose "Item properties" in the drop-down list - as a result the "Field Properties" dialog box will be displayed. To add or edit validators, follow the steps below :
    - Click "Validate" tab
    - Press arrow to display the list of available validators
    - Select the desired one, than press the Add button to include in the desired "Field validators" list
    - Set/Edit desired parameters in the validator-specific "Action" box (the content of the action box changes to display the parameters that are appropriate for the validator highlighted in the "Field validators" box)

I created a chart with screen-captures illustration, before I realized that I will not be able to display it in the Cardbox-talk message. If you would like to see it, or if you have any further questions, please send me an e-mail to icar-consulting@rogers.com, and I will be happy to send the chart directly to your e-mail)


11-May-2008 13:44

Just a quick note I thought of specifying after re- reading your post: in order to edit validators or any other field properties, you must first have the native format in EDIT MODE (in the Menu bar Choose Edit-Format-Edit)


11-May-2008 15:01

Thank you sooo much for your help! I finally managed to do it, i didn't realise that you had to be in edit mode as i didnt realise there was such thing!!

If i need anymore help in the future then i will definitely be in touch, thanks once again!!

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