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Dialing a Telephone Nr of a Field

In version 3.0 has anyone written a telephone dialing macro. I have no mastery over VB macros.

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25-Mar-2008 11:36

I want a macro or button that will dial a telephone nr field from Cardbox 3.0 running under Vista.
I presently connect via a Panasonic TDA30 PBX using a USB computer telephone link but could possibly also use an IP address via RJ45 directly to the PBX.

Has someone already set up a simple dialer off a Cardbox 3 database?

Charles Welling

25-Mar-2008 14:19

Looking this up in the manual would have been faster than writing your request, so please try to master the manual first. Believe me, it is there. Look for "Dial".
The macro you need (1 line!) is explicitly given.

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