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Running Cardbox 2 (16bit) on a multiprocessor Windows 2003 server.

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26-Oct-2007 17:04

Has anyone had any luck with this? I have tried modifying the CPU priority and affinity settings for NTVDM but the server still locks up after a couple of minutes of Cardbox starting.
Paul F

Charles Welling

29-Oct-2007 14:40

Could you be more specific in what you are trying to do? Cardbox2 is NOT Client-Server. Copies of Cardbox run on the workstations and the only things that need to reside on the server are the databases to have shared access. So, no part of Cardbox runs on the server, and as far as Cardbox2 is concerned it is only a file server and nothing more.
So please tell us what you are trying to run on the server.



30-Oct-2007 12:00

Sorry this is for Terminal server access to cardbox for remote users. However, it is not Terminal services causing the problem as the crash also happens when Cardbox is run directly on the server. This used to work on windows 2000 servers even with multiple CPUs.
Thanks again
Paul F

Charles Welling

30-Oct-2007 14:49

I'm sorry I can't help you here. We have used Terminal Services in combination with Cardbox3 for remote users for some years now, and it works very well, but before that Cardbox2 worked equally well on the same server which (still) is a WIN2000 machine with Citrix and not WIN2003.


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