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Conection refused to cardbox server (no firewall running....)

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17-May-2007 14:19

I am currently trying to publish one of our databases online. We have am always on PC and a static IP address so it should be no problem.

Just to check everything works ok, I'm just trying to access over the lan fist, using an internal ip address - for example cardbox://

There's no firewall software running on the sever at the moment, or on the client - but I'm still getting the Econnrefused message.

Does something need to be running on the server that I'm not aware of? Am I missing something obvious?

Please help.

Best Wishes



17-May-2007 14:48

...exposing my own foolish nature...

so - it truns out we don't have a licence for the cardbox server, I've just taken ove support here and *assumed* that all installations would need a server (the client software, implied this, I thought) however after reading the manual I see I was mistaken...

Thanks anyway

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