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Upgrading from Version 2.0 to verison 3.0....

....why does now of the macros appear or work.

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8-Mar-2007 14:47

We are upgrading from version 2.0 to version 3. All the macros are installed on the shared F:\. I made the change on the clients to point there for the macros but they did not appear. Are the Macro files differient in v3 than in v2? If so is there an easy way to convert them? If they are not diff then d#does anyone have any ideas why I cannot see them/use them?


Charles Welling

8-Mar-2007 15:07

Cardbox3 macros are completely different. The commands are different and the files in which they are stored are different too. The new files have a different extension (*.cbs) and, apart from Cardbox itself, they can be edited with any text editor (e.g. Notepad). Macros can be stored in a number of different places, depending on how you wish to use them. It is one of the things you'll have to study before you can really use all the features of Cardbox3.

There's no easy way to convert your old macros. If the old macros only contain keystrokes, you could re-record them. Otherwise, you'll have to rewrite them from scratch, which is not a bad thing to do anyway since the new macros are far more powerful.

There are people who can write macros for you and they do so on a professional basis (contact Cardboss). If you decide to go for it yourself, you can always use this forum to ask for help.


Alex Maines

8-Mar-2007 19:24


I offer a conversion service for Cardbox macros (v2 to v3). If you are interested, please drop me a line and we can take it from there.

Yours sincerely

Alex Maines
alex DOT maines AT zoom DOT co DOT uk

Mary Doyle

8-Mar-2007 21:17

It is well worth the effort of learning to write the Cardbox 3 macros yourself. You are then in control and can easily amend them as circumstances change. It may seem daunting as first - it certainly was for me - but I not only re-wrote my Cardbox2 macros but enhanced them as I did so and I have developed ever more powerful ones since. You can record the Cardbox3 macros or write them in Cardbox itself, though some things cannot be recorded, e.g. calculations. However calculations are much simpler in VbScript than in the Cardbox2 macro system. I usually write the macros straight, only using the recorder to remind myself of commands I don't use very often. I use a free Notepad-like program to write the macros. It is called Notepad2. It is free and is fairly simple, like Notepad, but has some major advantages, not least of which is colour coding for program languages like VbScript, which makes it much easier to pick up errors. See http://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html


22-Feb-2008 23:20

Dear Alex,

From the Cardbox forum I see that you offer a macro transposition service.

What would be your fee?

I am still using Cardbox 2.0 in Vista as I don't wish to rewrite my macros (I have quiet a lot). I also find Cardbox 3.0 runs slower. If I ever need an occassional additional 3.0 feature, I then activate 3.0.

Has anyone been intellient enough to write a subprogram that captures the executed sequences of a macro written in 2.0, then simutaneously simulates its execution as an recording in 3.0 VB macro language?
Am I being naïve? I would buy such a program (and wouldn't put you out of a job)! Anyway, it should have been attached to Cardbox 3.0.

Having migrated to Vista however, I see that my format pushbuttons nolonger perform correctly and I need to change the underlying 2.0 macros.

To fire up an Outlook 2003 email we used under XP the macro:-

' E-Mail 1 macro script
*Field.Item "EMAIL"
*Run.Text "\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office10\\Outlook.exe\" -c IPM.Note /m " Paste

I realise that the run text should be changed (we now use Outlook 2007 rather than 2003 on Vista) to read

*Run.Text "\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office12\\Outlook.exe\" -c IPM.Note /m " Paste

but I never got to understand the 'magic' of -c IPM.Note /m - which I feel may nolonger be appropiate (it doesn't work in Vista).

Is this documented anywhere?

On a similar point, firing up a browser we use

' Internet macro script
*Field.Item "INTERNET"
*Run.Text "\"c:\\program files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe\" -nohome http://"

but here again, the -nohome http://" part no longer seems to function (the IE browser fires up but not the web page cited in the cardbox field).

Anyway, I would prefer to have a macro that ran the default email and browser programmes, otherwise the maco would have to be rewritten after every upgrade (and you'd need to remember to do it).

I would like to still have control but do not know where to find this information. Additionally I believe the 'magic formulas' eg -nohome http://" were IE browser dependent and my browser of choice is Firefox 2.0.

Where can I find this relevent information or 'magic words'?

I also need to rewrite my telephone dialing pushbuttons for Vista to run in 2.0 and or 3.0



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