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running Cardbox on intel Mac using Parallels and XP

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1-Feb-2007 11:53

The title should be self-explanatory! but does anyone have experience of using Cardbox on an intel Mac (via Parallels and XP) and if so does everything work as 'normal'?

I have a PC (Windows XP Home) and an intel Mac (Tiger) and should like to do everything on the Mac if I can be satisfied all my windows software can be used 'safely' on Mac. It would super if Cardbox could run on intel Mac (without having to use Parallels, etc) but that might be wishful thinking?


2-Feb-2007 13:47

Since no-one seems to have replied so far, it seems that no-one on this mailing list has used Cardbox on this configuration.

I can see no reason at all why Cardbox should not work on the configuration you mention. It is a standard Windows application and does not do anything outstandingly clever that might be disturbed by the Parallels environment.

As for your "wishful thinking" - yes, it *is* wishful thinking, but it is wishful thinking which we wholeheartedly share. Unfortunately, although I think the Macintosh platform is far superior (or have I been seduced by the marketing?), the size of the potential market is too small to justify any big development effort.

On the other hand, now that the same processors are used for Windows and MacOS, there is no reason why Apple should not take a Windows-on-Unix project such as Wine and put enough resources into it so that it becomes a viable proposition for a wide class of "ordinary" Windows programs (except that this might risk reducing the impetus towards proper MacOS software). The Cider project, perhaps?

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