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Cardbox 2.0 and XP

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30-Jan-2007 11:44

I am new to cardbox and have been invited into a clients to look at a possible way to upgrade at least two of their machines to XP from Windows 98 due to other software requirements. I plugged my XP laptop into the network but when I tried running it I got errors. One of the machines is the machine with the share on. I would be glad of any feedback anyone can give.

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30-Jan-2007 13:29

It's going to be difficult for anyone to comment on "errors" without knowing what the errors are. Depending on the error, it may be advisable to upgrade to Cardbox 3.0.

If you send an email to support@cardbox.com, explaining exactly what is happening and giving the serial number of the copy of Cardbox, we should be able to give you some sensible advice.

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