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Unable to Record Macros

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25-Jan-2007 12:16

We've just had Cardbox3.0 installed on our office network but there isn't an option to record or create macros (There is a 'play' option but that doesn't help if we can't create macros in the first place)Can anyone advise?


26-Jan-2007 19:29

I think I'm right in saying that reason is you have only got a client version of the program and the client version does not allow you to make up macros. You can make them up on the network version for the full version which you think is called professional. Maybe cardbox has already replied to you. James

Mary Doyle

26-Jan-2007 20:26

The other possibility is that you only have the cheaper Home Version rather than the Professional Version of Cardbox. You can't record macros with either the Client or the Home version. I think I am correct in saying that if you have the scripting skills (Vbscript) you can write macros for the Home version even though you can't record them. The Macros and Programming manual is available for download on the Cardbox site.


26-Jan-2007 23:56

Thanks James & Mary for your input. Yes, I am working with the Client version so things don't look particularly optimistic. At least you've suggested a couple of avenues that I can pursue so I'm hopeful that I can work something out.
Again, thanks very much for your suggestions - I very much appreciate your help.

Alex Maines

27-Jan-2007 10:13

Hi Zzzzak,

I offer a service of writing macros for Cardbox users. If your requirements are beyond whatever scripting skills you have, I may be able to help.

Drop me a line at alex DOT maines AT zoom DOT co DOT uk if you think I could help.


Alex Maines

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