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Object fields and link file names

From a object field linking to an excell file or pdf...

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15-Dec-2006 12:55

DAK please if possible to design the layout of the object field to display the entire name of the linked file without having to make the object field unnecessary big?

For example, file
4088 - Agents conflict of interest.pdf

appears as

4088 - Agents
onflict of interest pd

in a layout 19 across and 5 down. If I widen it to say 30 across, the file name is too small to be read.

Shortening the file description, as in

4086 - 4 - Articles.pdf

is displayed as

4086 - 4

but that's not ideal.


18-Dec-2006 15:20

Unfortunately it is not Cardbox that is displaying the name of the linked file, but Windows. Windows decides the way that the name is to be displayed when it sets the icon for the linked file and there is no way of influencing its behaviour.

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