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Image file limitations solved!

If you share my frustration at not being able to have more than one image field then this alternative may be of use....

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12-Dec-2006 18:59

Although you have can many images in an image field, you cannot have more than one image field in the native format which means you cannot, for example, display images side-by-side. F12 takes you the viewer so you can see all the images but only one at a time.

However, you can have numerous object fields. So what I am doing is converting the jpeg to pdf, storing the pdf in a folder in another application and linking the pdf to Cardbox. Using Cardbox together with Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 is enabling me to be well on the way to a paperless office.

(I could read the jpeg to Cardbox but not only is the quality not as good as pdf but also I should lose the freedom pdf offers.)


13-Dec-2006 11:33

There are actually a couple of unofficial ways round the "one image field" restriction, which although not officially supported might save you a bit of effort.

The simplest way is to edit the native format, copy the image field using Ctrl+C and then paste it using Ctrl+V. You will have to give the pasted field a new name, of course; but its "image-ness" will remain, and you'll have two image fields.

Do not attempt this with old builds of Cardbox because they may get confused: for safety, download the very latest build (Build 4245).

Although not officially supported, multiple image fields work reasonably well. There are a few inconveniences: for instance, F12 is meant to switch to a full-screen view of THE image field and this is ambiguous if there is more than one image field! But you can control which image field you're going to view full-screen by right-clicking on it instead of using F12.


13-Dec-2006 12:33

It should be nice that in future builds in the "F12" screen all images could be showed.
Perhaps adding a button which handles a toggle: "show current image field" or "show all" perhaps..?

Really nice, the copy and paste imagefield work around!

Bert Stortenbeker

Charles Welling

14-Dec-2006 08:39

Having more than one image field is certainly useful. However, what I would like to know is whether this is not officially supported because that are some inconveniences (like F12) or because it may perhaps not be entirely safe to do this. I have rather complex databases with many-to-one and one-to-many image links (and combinations thereof). This has led to serious problems in older builds when images were deleted. These problems are all solved now, but can Cardbox still safely handle multiple image fields when images are deleted or copied? Imagine someone copying an image from Image_Field_1 of record 1 and then pasting it into Image_Field_2 of record 2.

If there's any reason to believe that this is bound to go wrong, I'd like to know it. If not, I will certainly give it a good and thorough test.



15-Dec-2006 09:51

It is safe (but do remember to use the latest build of Cardbox, and the latest build of the Cardox Server if you're sharing databases). The British Antarctic Survey has used it for over a year to store mugshots of leopard seals.

You'll find that dragging and dropping images from one image field to another won't do anything: you should copy and paste instead.

Copying and pasting an image involves expanding the image from its compressed format (just as if we were about to display the image) and then compressing it again when it's pasted. This may theoretically lead to a small deterioration in image quality, but in our experiments it was never visible to the eye.


15-Dec-2006 12:35

Thank you, most useful.

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